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As an investor and strategic advisor

"I think their approach to the future of cognitive development in football is cutting edge. I feel very passionate about this and I’m excited to be involved."

The Manchester-founded sports technology and VR company is now based across offices in New York and Manchester, and is available worldwide


Vincent Kompany has been named as a strategic advisor and investor at Rezzil. Rezzil powered by MiHiepa is a unique performance and analysis technology, created to develop mental resilience, decision making and match-readiness in players at the highest level.


 The Manchester City and Belgian captain will bring his knowledge and experience to the product’s development, at a time when Rezzil is being installed at a number of high-profile football clubs across Europe and beginning expansion into the global  market with its first New York office.


 Rezzil utilises a HTC Vive Pro VR headset and HTC Vive 2.0 Trackers to create a real-world training experience, allowing players to develop or rehabilitate in engaging sessions and drills.

There is evidence that a player loses a significant percentage of his/her cognitive abilities when injured. I’ve always tried to keep my mind sharp during recovery by combining the physical work with cognitive work like watching my team mates train and play games, attending team meetings or studying. Rezzil offers intelligent cerebral solutions to physical problems, which makes recovering more fun.


 “I decided to invest in REZZIL because I think their approach to the future of cognitive development in football is cutting edge. I feel very passionate about this and I’m excited to get involved."


– Vincent Kompany

“Vincent is one of the few players who have played at the top level for over a decade. He brings an immense amount of experience that only truly elite players like him can bring.  His advice and input will help us shape Rezzil into a platform that helps elite players stay at the top of their game whilst improving the skills of thousands of young players across the world.”


– Andy Etches, Sports Director

“Experience has told us that development of cutting-edge product is all about the quality of research and rapid iteration. So, the investment, knowledge and partnership that Vincent brings to the table is extremely exciting, as it is truly second to none. It ensures both our elite and academy platforms will reach their true potential, whilst bolstering the capabilities of our planned consumer products on the next generation of consoles.”


– Adam Dickinson, Development Director

Rezzil powered by MiHiepa helps players develop mental and cognitive resilience and  helps to find the players who will perform in the first second of their debut and the last second of a final. Vincent Kompany’s storied career is a case study in resilience and makes him the perfect ambassador for the platform, from winning the Belgian Golden Boot at age 18 while at Anderlecht, to beating persistent injuries to be named Premier League Player of the Season, going on to win three Premier League titles, the FA Cup, three Football League titles and two Community Shields.


Elite teams around the world are already using Rezzil to help injured players in their recovery, bringing players back sharper and match ready after long term injuries, with the platform set to expand further in 2019. Standby for updates.



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