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Kane the Danger Mousah aged 32 years old is a top ranked MMA fighter and Owner/CEO of BADR Sport Ltd and Owner of BARR Management. 

Kane the Danger Mousah aged 32 years old is a top ranked MMA fighter and Owner/CEO of BADR Sport Ltd and Owner of BARR Management. 


On a sporting front, Kane is making big moves in the MMA world having gained notoriety with his lethal and devastating work within the Octagon. Most recently, Kane put his opponent George Emanuel to the sword in his home-city of Manchester on the 30th November adding to his impressive win rate. 


Despite his natural combat skills, Kane has had to overcome numerous obstacles in his pathway towards success, none more so than the tough days he spent early in his life. 

Kane was born and raised in Rusholme, Manchester by his mother Helen who was a single parent to Kane and his younger sister. With no father figure throughout his upbringing he experienced his mother struggling to fend for him and his sister. 


Kane was always involved in sports from a young age including hobbies such as: Football, Skating, Hockey and Martial Arts. He was always energetic and confident within himself.


Kane looked up to his uncle Tony Mousah a fifth dan karate expert. Kane decided to follow in his footsteps and take up MMA as a way to protect himself from rival gang members. MMA proved to be a great distraction for Mousah, who took an instant love for the sport.


Kane then began to compete however this early stage of his career was blighted by his continued involvement with gangs and high profile criminals. Showcasing his ability on the professional stage and after winning numerous fights, Kane was selected to go to Las Vegas for UFC Ultimate Fighter. Kane, however was unsuccessful and was advised to get more fights to boost his experience, cutting out silly mistakes and overall giving him a greater understanding of how to win. Shortly after UFC Ultimate Fighter, Kane got booked for a big fight, which he went on to win. The euphoria of winning soon turned sour as only three days after victory, Kane was arrested for possession of a firearm following a police surveillance operation. Kane was found guilty and sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.


All the way through his sentence Kane stated that he remained focused and always believed that his path in life was destined for achieving greatness based on his resilience of character, and winners mentality.


He continued to focus on staying fit and strong whilst wrestling with anyone he could either be it in the prison cells or the gym.


With 2 years and 9 months left of his sentence Kane applied for a number of rehabilitation courses within the prison which resulted in him being granted his category D prisoner status which meant he could go to an open prison and start to get his life back into order.


“That is where the transition in my mind happened” explained Kane who then began to study to become a gym instructor. After receiving his qualifications he became a personal trainer through the prison resettlement programme. 


“I started to earn legal money for the first time in my life”.

Whilst Kane was on release from prison working he was able to recommence training to fight. Three days before being released from prison he made his return with a comeback fight on a home leave, which he won. Upon release from prison Kane was soon promoted at the gym where he worked to become Assistant Manager. 


“After becoming a Manager I began to learn a lot of skills and started to think about building my own empire.” Explained Mousah.


Kane then continued to compete in MMA competitions whilst balancing his managerial role at the gym, which he took very seriously. Kane went on to fight in one of the biggest MMA Fights in UK history against Mark Diakiese, which he lost by a devastating knockout blow in the first round. This was the turning point in his professional career, as Kane learnt in no easy way that he was trying to balance too much in his life. Kane accepted the better man beat him on the night but his confidence did not drop. The fight still brought a significant level of profile for Kane and his moment on the big stage despite the result allowed him to become well noticed as an MMA fighter. 


Kicking on from the loss to Diakiese, Kane regained his focus and stuck to his beliefs of constant elevation. Kane was presented with an opportunity to work within the music industry with a well-known Manchester music artist so he left his job at the gym and started to focus on his own path of becoming self-efficient. 


As time went on Kane started to learn a lot about the music industry supporting the growth of the situation he was working within. 


“I developed a crazy focus, work rate and determination which I was happy to use to support anyone I knew and worked with as I love helping to motivate and inspire others.”


Kane’s strong focus and determination led to him progressing rapidly to new levels, subsequently presenting him with a number of major opportunities to elevate his career. Through the music industry Kane met his now business partner Carl who reached out to Kane to work with him in promoting his booming clothing brand. 


The relationship between Kane and Carl carried on growing whilst Kane continued with his MMA fighting and work within the music scene. Carl then decided he wanted to start a fresh venture within the clothing industry with another business partner Roger with which Kane was to be involved as the face of the brand.  

Carl and Roger based the brand around Kane and named the brand BADR standing for Be A Dangerous Rival. Kane grabbed this opportunity and started to build the business from scratch. Within 12 months with both Carl’s experience of building one of the biggest brands in the UK, Rogers’s business knowledge and Kane’s determination BADR started to take form and grow.


The focus of the brand was to create fitted stylish clothing representing strength through clothing with top MMA fighters and Boxers around the world wearing the clothing line.


Over 18 months the brand has gained a massive following of loyal supports who view the brand as a family and as relatable.


Kane takes pride in the company’s mission statement, which is to affect people’s lives with more than just clothing. It’s a story of achievement based on knockbacks and struggle with a determined aim to motivate and inspire those people who search for a path to better their life – somewhat reflecting Kane’s life to date.


Kane’s vision for the future is take the brand global and to carry on elevating through fresh stylish designs, creative marketing content and the BADR giveback scheme which is to promote and project the brands message through presentation and motivational speeches. The motivational talks from Kane have already been launched across schools in the Manchester area as he begins to project his message nationwide - BADR Sport, all Day, every day.


Follow Kane Mousah via his social media channels:

Instagram: @Kanem14

Twitter: @Kane86mousah

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