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Arrive in Luxury, Depart in Style

Chauffeurs, luxury supercars, and that added personal touch. So, what is it that makes AZ Luxe so special?

Jim Morrissey speaks with Abbass Zadeh, AZ Luxe’s Managing Director, to find out.

You can tell that Abbass Zadeh is used to the finer things in life. There’s an air about him that speaks of sophistication. So it comes as no surprise that he owns a fleet of cars, including a top-of-the-range Rolls-Royce Phantom. I ask him how he got into the luxury car business, and what exactly it is that his company offers.

Abbass, how did it all start? 

About 14 years ago I started working for prestigious brands like Bentley and Rolls-Royce, then, H.R. Owen approached me to setup a new department called VIP Services. With a multimillion pound budget and a brief to choose a fleet of some of the most luxurious cars in the world, I knew I’d found my calling. It went on to become a huge success and earnt me a lot of prestige within the industry.

What exactly is it that your company offers?


Firstly, we provide a high-profile chauffeur-drive service. We grew from two cars to owning a fleet of seven –  including a Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Secondly, we’re a luxury supercar hire company. My team and I make it our goal to get to know our clients’ specific needs, which enables us to tailor our service to each booking. This bespoke touch is one of the things that makes us different.


I know you’re very serious about the calibre of people who work for you: tell us more about your hiring process.

Our customer base includes ultra-high net worth individuals – international businessmen, premiership footballers, bankers, film stars – so they expect nothing less than the very best. It means that our chauffeurs and back-office staff need to understand a certain type of mindset. I personally hand-pick all our chauffeurs and hire around one in ten of the individuals interviewed. Apart from them needing a positive attitude for delivering first-class service, they must be excellent drivers, as often they will need to outsmart the paparazzi or avoid unwanted attention. They have to be able to serve with the greatest decorum and attention to detail, whilst acting with the utmost discretion at all times.

What happens when someone requests a car that’s not in your fleet?


This really isn’t a problem. We are so well connected we can get whatever the client wants; and all of our suppliers have been approved by us and are very well trusted within the industry.


Are you associated with any big names in the business of luxury and indulgence?


Yes, but we act with discretion at all times, so there’s not too much that I can reveal. I can say that we will be sponsoring the National Film Awards this year. We are their partner of choice for providing chauffeurs to many of the stars. They came to us because they wanted the exceptional.

You’ve recently expanded, tell us about it.


We work for some of the most prestigious department stores, luxury hotels and restaurants in the country, so it made sense to expand into a concierge service. We can now request a private jet at a few hours’ notice or book the best seats in the house at the opera or theatre. We want to become the go-to company for anything associated with luxury. 

What’s the most common request you get for your service?


From a chauffeur point of view, we mainly cater for people wanting day trips, like shopping, lunches, the countryside and, of course, airport pick-ups and drop offs, as well as weddings. Luxury car hire is for the international client who is here on business for a few days and wants to drive a car he already owns back home, or if they are here for a romantic getaway and want to experience some wow-factor. Finally, there is private jet chartering for the businessman who needs to attend a meeting or conference as soon as possible or again for the UHNWI as that’s their preferred method of travel.

In a few words, how would you sum-up the company philosophy?


We never say ‘no’ – it’s our motto. We never forget who we’re working for. And we never stop looking for ways to improve. We look to define the meaning of luxury, rather than letting it define us – we are here to change the game.

If you would like more information about AZ Luxe, or need to hire one of the industry’s best chauffeurs, you can contact them on 020 3904 4483, email, or visit the website:

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