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Inspired by contemporary art deco coachbuilders. Introducing an elegant and rare motor car from Eadon Green

Rarity is an attribute awarded to the most authentic, bespoke and highly-desirable creations of luxury. Zeclat is a modern interpretation of classic automotive designs and pays homage to famous coach builders of the 1930s like Figoni & Falaschi, Bugatti, Chapron, and PourTout. A unique, artisan genesis from Eadon Green founded upon the most ambitious, creative and uncompromising design houses in the modern automotive world.   


A limited run of seven cars makes Zeclat one of the rarest breeds within the automotive world today, with four already purchased and commissioned for the most exclusive driving experiences. The devotion of some of the globe’s highest profile collectors is seamlessly integrated with a wealth of bespoke capabilities, from tailoring, engineering and design.   


A renaissance in contemporary classic design, shaped by the wind and refined to cloak the meticulously engineered motor car. Zeclat is a groundbreaking creation inspired by the grace and poise of elegant motorcars from an Art Deco period and built with discerning patrons in mind. 

An expressionism devoid of restraint, Zeclat possesses the head-turning appeal which endorses the its place as artwork on the road. With every element of the car meticulously constructed, engineering and design is equalled by performance with Zeclat boasting a 6.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8 powerplant, the car is capable of a 0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds and a truly rewarding driving experience with a body design that works in concert to stabilise the car at speed and through cornering. 


Eadon Green are purveyors of the highest quality and Zeclat is developed with meticulously crafted materials, engineered with a carbon composite material and aluminium structure. Aesthetically demonstrating the choices of the connoisseur, a conception of a personal vision is commissioned throughout. The interior demarcated with Eadon Green stitching in the headrests and a palette of colours available to suit those who require the finest in individualism. An unrestrained masterpiece.

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