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Dr. Erkut Sögüt LL. (Author), Jack Pentol-Levy (Author), Charlie Pentol-Levy

Our book, ‘How to Become a Football Agent: The Guide’ offers a complete overview of the profession and gives the crucial advice needed to succeed.


The book covers all the areas that a football agent (at all levels) will encounter in their job. Starting with the basics, like the relevant registration processes and how to get into the business, to understanding how best to work with players and managers, as well as dealing with contracts and the media – this guide offers the complete experience.


Each chapter is concluded with a summary, outlining the most important points to remember, as well as ‘expert opinions’. These views are given by industry specialists relevant to the content of the chapter and include top agents like Pere Guardiola, Ilhan Gündoğan and Jörg Neubauer. They also consist of the views of Rory Smith and Daniel Geey who detail the relationship between football and their areas of expertise in press and legal relations respectively.


The team behind Football Agent Education has used their experience and network to compile this must-know information. Representing high-calibre players like Mesut Özil, llkay Gündoğan and Shkodran Mustafi, as well as coordinating numerous on- and off-pitch transactions, they are able to give readers unrivalled advice from previous experiences in this industry.

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