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Daniel Johnson

 An insight into the life of a Celebrity Barber.

The State of Hair in Football Today by Daniel Johnson

If you are a footballer, having a designer cut is key, whether it’s on the pitch in front of millions or on the red carpet. Being seen to set trade mark cuts, looks, and styles is a must! 


How often are you are watching a big football match or walking past a billboard featuring top International football stars and wondered ‘How do they look so on trend’?  How are they groomed within an inch of perfection?  Well it just might have been one of my styles.


Whether it’s trimming Wayne Rooney and Mario Balotelli or styling Jermain Defoe, I seek to enforce the high standards required for living your life in the largest public spotlight.


I am lucky enough to have been responsible for some of the biggest trending haircuts in the world,  How many people remember the infamous ‘Balotelli’ or indeed when Gareth Bale signed for Real Madrid? Well, it was all down to the creative flair that is sometimes called my genius when I manage to mix style and substance in my barbering.


So key is the need to for the best haircut in the world of football, it reminds me of when I was flown over to Poland to cut the hair of the entire England squad & staff.  Yes that’s right staff too, the buzz when I arrived at the hotel was electric with hundreds of thousands of England fans outside waving flags. The players had turned a hotel room into a barber shop for me to work and the banter was flying around as always. 


Each one of the players wanted to look their own personal best playing for their country and so I set to work, for hours.  


It is not just footballers, the male grooming industry is now worth an estimated 50 billion and is continuing to grow strongly in 2017. But I remember back to when I first started out that people used to look down at us in the barber trade.  Barbers were not considered a successful or desired profession – now everyone wants to be a Barber/ Stylist!  I think this is a good thing as I am seeing one of the most talented generation coming through. 


More and more men are now looking after themselves with intense grooming and pro skincare regimes, which I think is great.  What I am also seeing is more guys having MicropigMANtation by Daniel 


Johnson and the demand for this 

new trend of (Scalpmicropigmentation) SMP has gone through the roof.  It is not just a scalp treatment it’s a lifestyle!! 


SMP enhances their looks to restore and rebuilds your hairline and covers baldness taking years off of your overall look & most of all helps to regain confidence. I have already given treatments to several well-known footballers and they are quietly rocking it really well. 


I’ve created a YouTube tv channel where I will be show casing the latest footballers cuts, Scalp MicropigMANtation, LIVE treatments, traditional shaves, lifestyle, and grooming tips. Check out JOHNSON TV. Plus you can find my new my DANIEL JOHNSON Beauty - Skincare - Male Grooming Collection which is available online and in stores

Book in with me in Chigwell or at your place, be that London, Milan or the USA at

Keep updated on my social media platforms Twitter: @IamDanielJ Instagram: @IamDanielJohnson Facebook: @OfficialDanielJohnson

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