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Fair FX

FairFX Plc was formed in 2007 and has become one of the most trusted currency providers. FairFX is the only currency specialist listed on the London Stock Exchange.
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How did I get into football Industry?


I work for a company called FairFX, who at the time were the only Foreign Exchange provider to be listed on the London Stock Exchange and allowed me to pursue any industry I wanted to. 


I worked as a corporate banker for 5 years – so I was fully aware as to how banks make a vast amount of money through Foreign Exchange (the buying and selling of currencies). 


My passion has always been football, so I saw an opportunity when Barclays stopped sponsoring the Premier League. My aim was to tell everyone in football everything their bank doesn’t want them to know about Foreign Exchange and the savings that could be made. 


I started with the Premier League Champions at the time… Leicester City. 


For the last 2 years of player transfers, Leicester City have saved multi-millions by using FairFX to receive a better exchange rates.


This has fed through to other clubs, and I’m now helping numerous clubs ranging from others in the Premier League down to League Two. 

Who do I work with in football? 


Within such a small industry – it was vital for me to not just make a small saving, but a significant saving for word to spread. 


Without doubt the help of ex-players has been vital in allowing me to help save money for all aspects of a footballers life. 


Therefore I now help football clubs, top football agencies, agents and the player’s wealth managers. 


But most importantly it’s helping the players themselves save money. 

How do I save footballers money compared to their bank? 


Two ways – when players send money abroad in different currencies and when they require spending money for their holidays. 


They basically spend fewer pounds, using myself rather than the bank for whatever they want to buy abroad.

This can range from:

• Buying and selling properties abroad

• Booking Weddings, Private Jets and Villas

• Sending money to friends and family abroad

• Sending money to charities internationally

• A recent trend is helping players purchasing stock for their clothing lines and transferring currencies between offshore accounts. 

Travel Money


We offer a free Pre-paid Currency Cards with leading rates and no bank charges, that can be shared with family members – where you top up as you go, as apposed to using a credit card. 

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