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The MAHĀ Yacht Club

 A bespoke lifestyle investment by  Adrian Zecha onboard a sensational  fleet of custom built Feadships.

A unique partnership between the sublime lifestyle provider Adrian Zecha, The Setai Hotel and Resorts Ltd and International Yacht Register has given birth to the latest in lifestyle luxury, revolutionising the super yacht industry. Together with Feadship, one of the world’s leading shipyards, they are redefining the ultimate yachting experience.


The companies that are are all leaders in their respective sectors, are launching a Members only yacht club which will revolutionize contemporary yachting by bridging the gap between yacht ownership and the charter market. Adrian Zecha and the Setai Hotel and Resorts, renowned for setting the ultimate standards of quality service in the hotelier industry, combined with the consistent know-how and decades of profound marine “hands on” experience of IYR, complement one another’s strengths bringing to market an exceptional, destination driven product.  

For a one-time membership fee, the exclusive MAHĀ Yacht Club offers access to a fleet of super yachts for an elite community of motor yachting and experiential travel enthusiasts.  Built in Holland by the internationally acclaimed Feadship, noted not only for the efficiency and “uniquity” of their custom designed yachts, the fleets – “the hardware” is enhanced by the “software”, the unrivaled service provided onboard by the crew, all of whom are trained to the exceptional Zecha and Setai standards. The hassle and unforeseen expenses of yacht ownership will be replaced with the fulfillment and enjoyment of headache free yachting. Our team of professionals guarantee exemplary management and service as well as eliminating the problematic challenges that come so often as an owner. Our one-time payment ensures there will be no additional maintenance expenses.


MAHĀ Yacht Club members will revel in the luxury and combined enjoyment of three vessels. The mother ship, a 36m custom designed Feadship MY to accommodate the member and their guests in a serene environment, bespoke by Zecha. A ‘Day’ boat, a 16m Bellagio for the enjoyment of the day-to-day experience at sea, allowing the guests to have more mobility and flexibility whilst on the water. The third in the cluster is an Interprid 10m, the perfect ‘Play’ boat, ideal for quick trips to the shore, neighboring yachts or any form of water sports. The MAHĀ Yacht Club cluster allows its members to indulge in the freedom of being on the water.


The MAHĀ Yacht Club will inaugurate the first cluster in its fleet in the summer of 2019 in the waters of the Mediterranean gem, Ibiza.  Shortly after, Bali, Phuket, South of France and Bahamas will all be incorporated as homeports.


For further information, please contact our MAHĀ Yacht Club membership team directly on or +33 6 47 13 39 70

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