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The Insurance Man

Matt Seldon

Legs to Lamborghinis

A Premier League player’s most valuable assets can be complex, demanding the highest levels of indemnity which can be difficult to find; ‘The Insurance Man’ (Matt Seldon) offers the solution.


Matt Seldon has provided insurance to the most elite of footballers for a number of years, and whilst he fully honours their privacy, he can confirm that he deals with Premier League players and established International stars on a personal level. When dealing with a seven -figure valued asset, players need to be confident that appropriate levels of cover are in place and the greatest value has been achieved.


“Whether it is the risk of a career ending injury, insuring a supercar for a very young up-and-coming player or protecting luxury homes in the UK and abroad, I will find the solution” he vows.

Counting some of the world’s leading football players amongst his clients, Matt embraces the 24/7 personal service he provides, “I will receive calls on a Sunday afternoon or Friday evening but I love what I do, so wouldn’t have it any other way!” It is the personal touch provided by Matt to his long-list of clients which has allowed him to come highly recommended.


Attempting to elicit client’s names from Matt will however result in disappointment, “Discretion is my watchword, I always adhere to the strictest codes of confidentiality… Let’s just say some of them you will definitely recognise”.


Matt’s unique insight into the demands of the game (he played for Crawley Town and subsequently spent 8 years as a football agent) is what sets him aside from other more generalist brokers. Having a distinct understanding of the sport and the risks involved, Matt has placed himself in a position to be able to give advice as well as supply the necessary solutions required by players. Bolstered by his employer, Integro, Matt now benefits from working with one of the world’s largest sport and entertainment brokers. 


“Often, high profile clients’ houses are targeted for burglaries. As part of our household insurance proposal we offer free security consultation on our clients’ houses and often use ex-SAS  contacts to review and help reduce the risks faced by our footballer clients and other high profile individuals.”


Integro offers worldwide access to 100s of niche insurance markets, they are perfectly suited to the specialist needs of my footballing clients.


Integro are a global insurance brokerage and specialty risk management firm driven to deliver dedicated, quality benefits consulting and insurance brokerage services through client-first, transparent business practices.


Achieving optimum results for every client, every time is ‘The Insurance Mans’ promise. 


“Discretion is my watchword, I always adhere to the strictest codes of confidentiality. There will be occasions where a player posts about my services or where I have been asked to post on a players behalf but this will never be done without the players full consent.”


Integro Insurance Brokers Ltd. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


Registered Office: 100 Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 3BP. Registered Company No. 2957627 England

Instagram: msinsurance

Twitter: @msinsurance_


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