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Q. What does the future hold for the Berkeley Group? 

A. The vision of the business has been the same since the beginning: to be a dynamic and innovative company with a passionate commitment to provide superbly designed and built homes in excellent locations in London and the South East of England.

Q. As an employer of such a large workforce, what is the key to maintaining a hungry and focused working environment?

A. I’m a true advocate of treating someone in a manner that you would expect them to reciprocate. I am also a big believer in trust which is why our staff are encouraged to take responsibility for their individual areas of the business. I encourage each business within the Berkeley Group to operate autonomously.

Q. How do you think the decision to push towards Brexit is affecting the market?

A. I must admit I was a ‘remain’ supporter. But now the decision has been made I honestly believe that we can surprise ourselves with our classic British spirit and create a prosperous future with a world leading economy.

Q. What are your thoughts on Stamp Duty?

A. Fairness is so important within society and stamp duty in my opinion creates an unfair tax that is in place for all the wrong reasons. People naturally want to move up in life and have aspirations, which the government should be welcoming, yet Stamp Duty gives no incentive. 

Q. Have you got any investment advice for our readership? 

A. Simply gain independent advice from a renowned expert and choose a reputable brand.

Q. What developments does Berkeley have in the pipeline that could be of interest for our readership?

A. We currently have 75 projects on the go, all of which I would say generate an interest. I would point anyone interested in our projects to check the Berkeley website ( to see the areas in which we are developing. Carrying out solid research and doing a thorough due diligence is vital, and at Berkeley we are always willing to help.

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