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Infinity Wealth by Design is the boutique wealth advisory firm based in the heart of Mayfair. The boutique operates similarly to a private members club and provides clients with the bespoke offering of access to a high end and personable wealth management experience.


With extensive experience in the Financial services, CEO Elisabeth Dana and her team are capitalising on their skills and networks.


Furthermore, the will to offer clients what they need in light of their circumstances is the central value, contrary to what an organisation wishes to push as a commercial agenda which is the reality in most existing wealth management outfits in their experience.


Infinity defines new wealth management by enriching clients’ life, not just their bottom line. From sourcing financing for homes, boats and art, to smart guidance in alternative investments and emerging asset classes such as blockchain and crypto. Clients are of those of an entrepreneurial spirit, with a likeminded outlook on the global 21st century.

Infinity has also manoeuvred into the Fintech space through the build of the Infinity Circle. The Infinity Circle is a unique digital and real-world platform that brings together investors and game changers. 

The platform is a brand new, invitation only, vibrant eco-system for HNWIs and their families, which is truly transactional and not just a networking tool. The Circle allows users to share and be exposed to off-market business, investment and lifestyle opportunities.


The Infinity Circle is an extension to the ultra-secure private client portal and gives private clients, and the wider community, direct access to deals. As an FCA regulated entity, Infinity is proud to connect a private network of peers and players who have all been vetted, from an FCA perspective.


Infinity is currently in the pre-launch stage of the Circle, which goes live in Q1 2019.

Infinity maintains a fresh stance within the wealth management market by offering alternative projects. Currently their focus is to structure the co-ownership of luxury. Clients who participate in buying the jet will benefit from an efficient and bespoke access to an Embraer Legacy and its crew without the operating burden. Infinity intend to apply the same model to a yacht and art work. This project compliments Infinity’s ethos of quality, innovation and independence.


Whether in the UK or abroad and across different types of investments, Infinity guides its clients through the pitfalls of the wealth management industry and advises on how to optimise their assets.

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