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César Ritz Colleges

The Swiss Education Group has revolutionised the very meaning of modern day education. In a period of continual debate about the value of education, particularly in England and Wales where tuition fees have dramatically risen with the average higher education student paying in excess of £9,000 per year for an Undergraduate Degree tuition fee alone, the demand for value and return on investment has never been more at the forefront of students, and their parents minds.

Despite the high costs for further education in the UK and the realisation of a number of Universities in the UK turning their backs on Hospitality based courses, the Hospitality sector as a whole continues to be a major contributor to the world’s economy. Hospitality stretches far beyond hotels such as The Four Seasons, Hilton Hotels  and Shangri-La, it also encompasses luxury brands, goods and businesses and the demand for high-quality talent into these fields continues to be highly sought after.


The Swiss Education Group – the largest private education group in Switzerland – focuses on giving hospitality students the very best education and preparation for a career with the most prestigious brands around the world. The school offers students from all over the world a variety of globally recognised undergraduate and Master honours in collaboration with the UK based  University of Derby and the US based Washington State University.

Amanda, a Graduate who now works at the Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park, London explained to Footballers’ Life Magazine the employability support she received during her time at the Swiss Education Group: 


“The amazing thing about studying with the Swiss Education Group is that the schools assist you with finding internships and full time employment right from the beginning in your first year with them. We have our own private recruitment fair called the International Recruitment Forum (IRF) where all the top luxury hospitality brands come to meet students. So having attended these throughout the three years I have been studying there, I have been able to build contacts and connections from a young age that has benefited me in finding a job soon after graduating, even before! However, this is all just a platform and stepping stone that the schools provide for us. We have to do the hard work ourselves! Go out for interviews, network, build contacts and connections”.

Whilst an emphasis on supporting students with their post graduate careers has been a defining factor for many students opting to study in Switzerland with the Swiss Education Group, the quality of education and the effective structure of the courses on offer has also proven to be popular. Each of the schools, César Ritz Colleges; Culinary Arts Academy; Hotel Institute Montreux; IHTTI School of Hotel Management; and the Swiss Hotel Management School offers a bespoke, one-of-a-kind yet highly effective variety of Bachelor & Master Programmes. In 2018 the Swiss Education Board was rated as the No 1 for overall living and arrival, accommodation quality and topic selection, top 5 for student unions, and top 10 for expert lecturers, teachers and learning support by THE-ICE Benchmark Rating Report.

César Ritz Colleges has three campuses, Le Bouveret, Lucerne and Brig. Partnered with a number of prestigious establishments such as Washington State University, Ritz Paris and the University of Derby, César Ritz Colleges has proven to be the ideal environment for students aiming to establish a career at some of the world’s most iconic Hospitality Groups.


A unique blend of modern day learning methods within a traditional setting has proven extremely popular with students from across the globe, enticed by the world renowned César Ritz brand that speaks volumes to even the most demanding and prestigious employers.

The César Ritz Lucerne campus is located in the heart of the city, in the impressive former Union hotel that was built in the 1900s and underwent major renovations in 2012, to welcome students in modern facilities. Known for its culture and modern convention centre, Lucerne has a large selection of shops, cinemas, museums, theatres, restaurants, bars and clubs for students to enjoy.


Located in a magnificent former hotel dating back to the early 1900s, the César Ritz Le Bouveret campus is just minutes away from the town centre and the lake. The new campus extension, finished in 2012, provides 100 fully equipped single superior deluxe rooms with state-of-the-art kitchen facilities in collaboration with the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland. The site even boasts replica rooms from within the iconic Ritz Paris Hotel, with even the most minute of detail captured, allowing students to gain a wonderful understanding of the level required.

The entire campus is set in a magnificent 26,000m2 lakeside location and offers a tranquil and secure study environment. A high-speed wireless connection is provided throughout the campus.

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland focuses as much on business as it does on Culinary Arts, ensuring that graduates are fully equipped for their future, both in and out of the kitchen. It has a unique additional benefit of sharing its 2 campuses with César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, offering a truly rounded learning experience in real-world conditions. Boasting a brand-new state of the art fully furnished real-life kitchen learning experience, students get the opportunity to learn practically within an environment better than most modern top restaurant kitchens. The Mosimann collection, a world culinary heritage, which is a unique partnership between internationally renowned Chef Anton Mosimann OBE (chef to the Queen and Royal family) and the Swiss Education Group. This four storey museum is dedicated to the private collection of Chef Mosimann’s memorabilia.

The business of hospitality is the main focus at Hotel Institute Montreux With specialisations in Finance, Human Resources, and Luxury Marketing and Business, and campus life in the heart of town, this school is ideal for the ambitious, business-minded student. Working in collaboration with many of the world’s leading brands, students get to work on the back office styled areas of hospitality, learning crucial skills that are recognised and transferable across a vast array of sectors, not just hospitality.