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Danny Simpson Q&A

Leicester City FC

Danny Simpson is an established Premier League Full-Back currently plying his trade at Leicester City. The 31-year-old Englishman began his career at Manchester Utd before a series of loan moves, including a spell in Belgium, saw him move permanently to Newcastle Utd in 2010. From Newcastle he then moved on to Queens Park Rangers and in 2014 signed for Leicester City where he has since played a crucial role in helping them win the Premier League title and as such a force to be reckoned with.


Danny’s career has had its ups and downs both on and off the field but it is his successes in recent times, which have allowed him to become a well respected professional not only at his club but as a Premier League player.  A string of top performances over the past few seasons as well as his heavy contribution to the monumental achievement of Leicester City winning the league has resulted in Simpson earning a 3 year contract extension last year keeping him at the club until June 2019.

1. What was it like coming through the ranks at Manchester Utd where expectations are so high?

Being associated with Manchester Utd was great, training and playing alongside so many world class players could only be a good thing. The only downfall to being at such a prestigious club was the inevitable competition for places which made it harder to break through.

2. How did you find the experience of leaving to go to Antwerp at 19?

The competition at Man Utd at the time was very strong. We had the likes of Pique, Shawcross, Jonny Evans and so on all vying for a position in a side that was already achieving so much, I felt that I needed to get some first team football in order to continue my development.

3. Throughout the early stages of your career you went out on loan a number of times, what effect did this have on you?

Each spell on loan with new teammates, managers and fans enabled me to experience different environments all of which allowed me to grow as a player. Looking back I definitely feel that it was a good grounding experience.

4. During your time at Newcastle you played a large number of games, was this the first time in your career that you really felt like you were an established professional player?

My time at Newcastle was great. Winning promotion to the Premier League was fantastic and I certainly felt at home during my spell. It’s always nice to be able to string a large number of appearances together, it gave me the confidence to know that I was doing right and contributing to what was a successful time.

5. How does it feel to be part of the Leicester side that won the Premier League.

It will always be remembered as an amazing success. That Leicester team was assembled with a lot of players that other clubs didn’t want, and I think because of that the camaraderie was strong and our personal pride meant we all had a point to prove. I felt for the first time that this was a strong group of friends that went beyond just teammates. I think that showed in some of the tougher games.

6. What does the future hold for you?

I’ve got various business interests and I am very much planning for the future. I enjoy mentoring the younger lads offering them advice based on my experiences and knowledge that I’ve acquired throughout my career.

7.  How did your fashion label ‘MADE’ originate?

MADE gave me the opportunity to put my focus and spare time into something outside of football. Fashion has always been a hobby of mine and so I wanted to create something of this nature that I could have an effect on, particularly with the design and manufacturing.

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