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 Quintessentially Membership 

If you’re flicking through the Sunday papers and come across a feature on Quintessentially, chances are the opening gambit will reference a sensational request. Although it’s true they shut down the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a private wedding proposal, there’s far more to a Quintessentially Membership than outlandish demands. We sat down with seasoned Membership Directors, George Lilley and Michael Cunningham to shed some light on why people really join Quintessentially and how we improve their lifestyle…

 Who is the typical Quintessentially Member? 

Michael: I wouldn’t say there is a typical Member. All our Members are very different, with unique tastes, requests, preferences and backgrounds. If they have one thing in common, it is that they are ordinarily extremely busy. Our aim is to free up their time. We invite Members to events where they meet other Members with similar interests, whether that is art, fashion, music, sport, film premieres, charity or social events.

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