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Since the company was founded in 1975, the Overfinch name has been synonymous with luxurious, high-performance Range Rovers. By the late 70s it had rapidly become the world’s leading creator of bespoke Range Rover vehicles and it has maintained that reputation in the four decades that have followed. But, how does a company known for its slogan of “Luxury, Redefined”, continue to maintain its reputation of excellence and remain at the forefront of luxury in an ever-more competitive market? What is the secret to its ongoing success and what is it that makes an Overfinch so unique?

It is well known that company’s roots are very much in engineering, with many features that are now standard across all Range Rovers such as antilock brakes, automatic gearboxes and air suspension systems all having been developed and pioneered originally by Overfinch. From a UK base, these high performance and luxuriously enhanced SUVs soon developed a global reputation for excellence and in 1981, when one of their modified Range Rovers won the Paris-Dakar Rally, famously the toughest event of its kind in the world, the Overfinch reputation was cemented as the ultimate enhanced SUV. This global demonstration of the company’s engineering ability made headlines, but as Range Rovers continued to develop, so too did Overfinch, recognising that there was a need to offer vehicles that stood out for their visual refinement as much as for their increased driver dynamics. They were awarded the prize of “Special Recognition for Outstanding Achievement in Design” by the owners of Range Rover in 2005 and since then went on to collaborate with such brands as Holland & Holland and more recently Schedoni. Overfinch shows that the pursuit of ultimate luxury is now very much a global undertaking, and one at which this quintessentially British brand is known to excel.

Today, the company continues to push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship in the pursuit of providing the ultimate luxury. Beyond their renowned performance upgrades, Overfinch ensures that the exterior styling packages they offer give the vehicles an appearance that is assertive, refined and arresting from any angle. In the face of competition, Overfinch is set apart by the quality of its conversions and above all, by the details. From the multitude of the bespoke forged alloy wheel designs on offer, or the carbon-fibre grill choices, every option is exquisite. Even the badging receives this treatment, with the lettering not merely moulded in plastic, but hand made by jewellers from solid, sometimes precious metals, these are vehicles that exude presence and visual charm on every level.


Arguably, it is the interior enhancements on offer that really show just how far the company can take a client’s unique vision for their Range Rover. Above and beyond the choice of seat designs and re-trimming of interiors in an almost limitless range of colours, the Overfinch designers are now offering unique marquetry options throughout the cars, creating interiors that can represent the owners tastes and choices in materials from fine woods, through to mother of pearl. Clients can now expect the same degree of personalisation from their Range Rover as they would from their suit, their home, or even their yacht.

Jonathon Spofford, Relationship Manager – Sports, Media & Entertainment, is quick to point out that for today’s consumers, true luxury lies in the more than just their ability to make unique choices for their vehicles. “Our clients want standout vehicles above and beyond the standard factory specification,” He explains, “Our clients generally know what they want, so service and convenience is key. With today’s busy schedules, what our clients appreciate most is the personal and efficient nature of the service they receive – each Overfinch customer will experience exceptional care from our One-Call service, with one telephone number and one named contact to oversee your whole ownership experience from the outset. We can arrange discreet and convenient appointments at your home or training ground to discuss your individual specifications, through to the collection and delivery of our cars in our state of the art trucks, at times that suit you. Ultimately, we will also advise you on the best time to trade in your Overfinch to your financial advantage at the end of your ownership, we ensure you remain in control.” 


It is easy to see how, with this level of choice and service, Overfinch has risen above and beyond its roots as the originator of Range Rover modifications, to become one of the benchmarks by which automotive luxury is defined. Now trading globally, with a newly opened plant and dealerships across the USA and Canada, the brand has hinted added at new models and some truly unique editions set to be unveiled in the coming year. It is clear to see that for this British firm, selling its bespoke vehicles to the world’s most discerning clients, the concept of luxury can not only be redefined, but also personalised for those of the most refined tastes.

151-153 Park Road,

St John’s Wood



Jonathon Spofford, 

Relationship Manager ‑ 

Sports, Media & Entertainment

T: 07813 583 459


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