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 New CRYO chamber at Harvey Nichols 

Dr Yannis Alexandrides - the British and American board certified plastic surgeon and founder of 111 Harley St. - launched 111CRYO in the UK exclusively with Harvey Nichols. It’s the first full body, commercial, non-nitrogen cryotherapy chamber in the UK. It’s an innovative treatment that combines age-old principals with cutting-edge technology.


The concept of cryotherapy is thousands of years old with ancient Egyptians using it to treat a range of ailments. Exposure of the body to -80C to -90C stimulates a multitude of health benefits including the increase of the body’s metabolic rate to help improve weight loss, improve circulation for detoxifying and a boost in oxygen in-take for reinvigoration. Increasing the flow of blood and oxygen around the body also assists in the elimination of excess lactic acid build up and so aids with muscular recovery. The low temperatures increase the firing capacity of the muscles as well as also increasing the level of endorphins (known as happy hormones) for a feel-good effect whilst promoting a rise in anti-inflammatory proteins for joint pain.

For skincare, cryotherapy has been used for the treatment of conditions such as dermatitis and eczema, as well as anti-ageing and skin-toning. When in the extremely cold, sub-zero chamber, blood vessels constrict; this is followed immediately by vasodilation as the body, in room temperature, reheats, meaning that there is an increase in blood and oxygen supply to the skin resulting in an energising glow as well as neurostimulation of the skin too; thus stimulating collagen production for healthier skin both visibly and microscopically.

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