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Alexander McQueen

 Q & A 

Carlisle United

1. After being with Spurs and living in London, how are you finding life in Carlisle ?

Well, wow it’s quite a drastic comparison between London and Carlisle in terms of size, but I think very highly of Carlisle as a town; people of Carlisle are very friendly and can almost stand and talk to someone like you have known each other forever when in fact this is the first time you’ve met them. I’ve always found that everyone up here will go the extra mile to help you with anything you need which I find quite refreshing.

2. As we speak it looks like an exciting run in to the end of season, who do you think will go up ?

Yeah this part of the season is always exciting even more so the position we are in the table, we just need one final push to secure automatic promotion which is everyone’s aim at the club, which would be brilliant. Carlisle’s a great club from top to bottom and have great staff and players so I think everyone involved deserves the reward of promotion and going to the next level, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

3. What advice would you give Academy players regarding their career including choice of an Agent etc?

My advice to any upcoming players would be to make sure you enjoy football I think that’s the most important thing, whether you’re playing Sunday league or for Chelsea it doesn’t matter because you’ll always find you play so much better when you’re enjoying it. In terms of agents, that’s a difficult one for me personally I’ve had a bad experience with an agent in the past so I think it’s about finding the right one for you, but I do think they are helpful if their best interests are for you the player, as I’ve now found a good agent who I trust and hopefully look forward to a good career with them.

4. Who has been the biggest influence in your career until now ?

For my career there have been a lot of influences at different stages in my career, early on it would have been the likes Graham Burr, Ryan Gordon & Ray Lee as they coached me from a young age and I really enjoyed my time with them up until I left to go to academy, once I joined Tottenham then it was about Alex Inglethorpe, Chris Ramsey & John McDermott who I think helped me massively during my time at Tottenham and I owe a lot of where I am now to them as I put in many hours and long football conversations with the 3 of them. But now its to the manager Keith Curle, Lee Dykes & Collin West, who probably have me at a part in my career when I really need to push as a footballer to get to where I want to be in the game, and I owe them massively for giving me my first taste of league football and showing a lot of faith in me.

5. Who did you style your Play on ?

Growing up I used to love Thierry Henry which I think also tied into me being an attacker in the earlier stages of my career, but now I try to base my game on David Alaba of Bayern or Marcelo as they are quite exciting attacking full backs who have an effect on both parts of the game for their teams.

6. You have an interest in Fashion, is there any particular designer or brand that you prefer or have been influenced by ?

I’ve always loved fashion from a young age, and always dressed a bit different to the norm. I had wished to start a clothing line one day. My preferred designers would be Alexander McQueen of course for namesake, but I tend to buy my clothes from a lot of random places so I wouldn’t say I stick to one brand in particular as there is so much selection nowadays. Kanye West has a fashion influence on me but I don’t think by the clothes he brings out but the fact that its different and almost thought of as mainly outside the box.

7. When did you start your brand JUDGE ?

Funny enough I actually thought of the idea about 4 years ago one day after training in the changing room and wrote it down in my notes so that was when the initial seed was planted, then about 4/5 months ago I started to look into it and get some ideas together and put a few things out and see what the feedback was and finally it all seems to be coming together nicely. Now that its up and running I really want to get it into more shops like Selfridges, Choice etc. and on sites like ASOS.

8. What would you say your USP is and how do you plan to bring it to market ?

I’m taking some great advice from some top people within the fashion industry, about positioning the brand and what product lines to concentrate on.

9. Finally, what rule would you change in football ?

Hmm thats a tough one but if I could change any rule in football maybe split the game into three thirty-minute sections.

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