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Alexandra Llewellyn

 Backgammon Boards 

About Alexandra Llewellyn

British designer Alexandra Llewellyn established her love of the game as a child in Cairo, and has played backgammon all her life. One of her strongest memories is strolling through the streets of Cairo with her Egyptian grandfather and hearing the rattle of dice on large wooden crate-boards.


As she travelled and played countless games, she became enthralled by the idea that board games operate as an independent vocabulary requiring neither common language nor culture.


Struck by the cultural transcendence of a game with a rich 5,000-year history, Alexandra began to create unique boards featuring an array of quirky designs - from feathers to dancers. Launched in December 2010, Alexandra Llewellyn Designs works with a network of British master craftsmen who each specialise in different techniques and materials to create bespoke versions of the oldest recorded board game in the world.

Legendary photographer, Terry O’Neill, whose images defined the Swinging Sixties and the Seventies, has collaborated with games board artist Alexandra Llewellyn to create the ultimate collectable Board featuring the Goddesses Terry has photographed including Bardot, Raquel Welch, Goldie Hawn, Jean Shrimpton, Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy.

The Goddesses board is handmade in the UK from the finest ebony wood, with mother of pearl and glass playing pieces, and dice-shakers engraved with Terry’s camera ‘click’ fingerprint.


Llewellyn’s boards are uniquely conceived, and crafted to her own vision and design in London, and made in workshops across the UK. Her growing list of clients including Sir Richard Branson, Elle Macpherson, Jacquetta Wheeler, American Vogue, January Jones and Annoushka Dukas.


The O’Neill Goddesses Collection is limited to 20 pieces, each personally signed by Terry O’Neill, and priced at £5,800.

Palm Table


Circular backgammon tabel that flips to leather card surface.


Grey oak with inlay sycamore palm fronds and stainless steel triangles. A removable circular box contains stainless steel playing pieces inlaid with leopard agate and mother of pearl, ebony dice shakers, playing cards and precision laser cut dice.


80cm high x 80cm diameter.

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