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In the UK, life is thankfully beginning to have some resemblance of normality; though we definitely have a new kind of normal. We’re heading into the office more regularly, but we still like working from home, or knuckling down in our favourite coffee shop. Things have gotten more casual, and as much as we’re hybrid working, we’re also hybrid dressing. Charles Tyrwhitt has versatile pieces that can take you from the morning call on your sofa to a client meeting to dinner and drinks. It’s all about comfort without compromising on smart style. Life is different, so it makes sense that the way we dress is a little different too. A polo and chinos can look as smart and snappy as you like with the right styling, and we prioritise comfort in our modern take on tailoring and suiting. The Business of Life collection nails the balance between smart and casual, work and social life. Whatever new way of working or living you’re getting used to, Charles Tyrwhitt has the goods for you to dress effortlessly and appropriately.

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