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Secure by Design

Keep team talk private!

It’s not just on the pitch that tactics need to be kept quiet. And it’s not just tactics that need to be kept secret.


Are your team’s mobiles secure? Is Android secure?

There are multiple threats that can be levied against any Android phone, ranging from physical theft and data interception through to Malware and Malicious Apps. When considering the number of different types of data and information held on your team’s phones, it becomes apparent just what can be at risk:

• Emails 

• Messages

• Finance Details

• Photos

• Location

• Access to Cloud Data or Services

Ambassadors of the BLACKPHONE

Last year just one Android Malware attack reached as many as 36.5 million users, making it potentially the most widely-spread malware found on Google Play. With Android holding 88% of the world market, it’s clear to see that these attacks will continue.

iOS not immune

As many Malware and Malicious App attacks are focused on Android users, you could think that by simply swapping to an iPhone with iOS you could solve security and privacy issues. This, is unfortunately not the case. There have also been, and will continue to be, both Malware and Malicious App attacks on iOS as well.

Blackphone 2 provides security within an insecure mobile market

Co-founded by Phil Zimmermann (PGP: Pretty Good Privacy), Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2 has been developed from the ground up to be one of the most private and secure Android based phones on the market. With its heavily adapted and improved mobile security and privacy features, the Blackphone 2 is the smartphone of choice for anyone worried about phone hacking and mobile privacy – anyone that wants to keep team talk private.

1. The Handset – Blackphone 2

The Blackphone 2 runs SilentOS, Silent Circle’s own operating system, which is based on Android 6.0. This system has a Security Centre that allows you to take total control of the permissions you give any apps you have installed on the device. These permissions include access to the camera, microphone, contacts, calendar entries etc. 

In addition to these permissions, the CIDS (Cellular Intrusion Detection System) is a notification system within the Security Centre which works by alerting you of a number of security threats such as, network connections with weak encryptions, irregular SMS messages, incoherent cell tower changes, insecure wifi networks or incoming threats you may receive. 


The Blackphone 2 also supports up to 4 separate ‘Spaces’, each providing you, a trusted colleague or family member, individual access and permissions to personal and completely secure Spaces within the device. Keeping business data completely separate from personal data is a very powerful and useful feature. 


If you mislay your phone or if it’s stolen the Remote Wipe facility, provides the option to run a Complete Wipe or Power Down.

Encrypted Calls & Messages

Encrypted Conference & Video Calls

Auto Burn Messages & Photos

Encrypted Hardware

2. The Software – Silent Phone with/without Silent World Minutes

Silent Phone is a VoIP application that provides secure voice, video and conference calls, secure messaging and also file exchange using Peer to Peer, 256bit encryption. The Silent Phone annual subscription is included with the purchase of a Blackphone 2 providing unlimited encrypted calls and instant messages between other Silent Phone users. 


Instant messages can be either set to automatically self-erase from both the sender and receiver’s devices to a set schedule, or manually deleted by either user. No messages are stored on servers. Silent Phone’s architecture ensures that all communication and data is completely isolated from all but the participants in calls and/or messaging conversations.


With World Minutes, you can choose either 100, 500 or 1,000 minutes per month to call external landline or mobile numbers to an extensive list of countries for use throughout your 12-month subscription. With Silent World, you are allocated a landline number which is used to securely call out with your selected minute plan, or receive unlimited incoming calls while still enjoying all the benefits of unlimited incoming/outgoing calls to/from other Silent Phone users. This number is only available for voice calls, not SMS.

Black SIM – the perfect Data Only & Blackphone 2 companion

Black SIM is the perfect ‘data only’ companion for travelling teams.

Blackphone, Blackberry and Android

World+ SIM or Europe+ SIM

SECURE Voice, Text, Data, Email, Video and Attachments

STOP IMSI Catchers

PREVENT Data Triangulation

Global travel has become an ever increasing factor for businesses and individuals alike and the use of Smartphone and Mobile technology has needed to keep pace.


Mobile users continually seek strong, uninterrupted connectivity as they travel from one country to the next. In addition, they rightly expect their encrypted information, security and privacy to be maintained. This is where the Black SIM comes in to its own by providing the wireless service while on the move and ensuring their privacy and security is preserved.

Equip your team with Blackphone 2

Ultimately, if your whole team were each equipped with a Blackphone 2 using Silent Phone, all your internal calls and communication would be encrypted at the highest level and all data, photos and messages stored on the device would be secure. 


Blackphone UK are the #1 reseller of the Blackphone 2. Warren Jeggo of Blackphone UK says “Mobile security, phone hacking and data hijacking is on the lips of every personality. No matter where you are in the world celebrities, sports stars and business owners want to keep their communications private, that’s why we have so much trust in Blackphone 2 – it does just that!”

To find out how converting your team to Blackphone 2 and securing your data will keep team talk private, we have a dedicated team for high net worth businesses, individuals and VIP clients – call: +44 (0)1707 24 00 00.

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